The rechargeable battery pack trailer tracking product is designed for reliable, multi-year deployments. It is an ideal solution for managing trailers that are normally tethered to 12 or 24 volt systems but may sit idle for extended periods.

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Product Details

Thirty-minute Install

Our device can be quickly installed by our expert partners providing a professional tracking service in approximately 30 minutes. Where possible, the device will be connected into the trailer lighting circuit.

Battery or Hard-wired

Our device can work up to two weeks on a full charge based upon the standard reporting frequencies. The battery takes approximately six hours to recharge.

Regular Reporting

Our device sends automated reports on your location every five minutes when it’s connected to power from the tractor unit. It also works independently through its internal battery when disconnected from the power and will provide accurate locations every hour.

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Product Details

  • Dimensions:54 x 110 x 40.4 mm
  • Weight: 226g


Our device is IP66 sealed within a protective casing.