Fuel Genie Fuel Cards

Our FuelGenie network offers access to supermarket branded sites in towns and cities throughout the UK.

Tesco, Morrisons & Sainsburys are available to purchase all fuels at pump price giving you confidence that you will pay the price as advertised by the site.

The FuelGenie card also allows you to collect supermarket loyalty points alongside your fuel card use.


Cards are embossed with Company Name and the option to have Vehicle Registration or Drivers Name. Purchase restrictions are available. Option To request mileage on every transaction.


Weekly invoice sent via email (Fully VAT compliant invoice). Free Fuel Management reporting available 24 hours a day.

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Fuel Genie Card

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Key Benefits

  • No contract, no minimum spend
  • Collect your favourite supermarket loyalty points

Recommended For:

Cars, LCVs and Vans

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Other Options

No constraints: We work with all the major fuel brands to meet your every need, so you can choose the branded card that's right for your business