17 Mar

Can fuel cards be used to pay at the pump?

Yes, fuel cards can typically be used at pay-at-pump terminals. Pay-at-pump terminals are designed to accept various payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, and fuel cards. When using a fuel card at a pay-at-pump terminal, the user simply inserts the card into the terminal and follows the prompts on the screen to select the desired fuel type and enter the pump number. The transaction is then automatically processed, and the fuel card provider will bill the user's account for the cost of the fuel.

One of the benefits of using a fuel card at pay-at-pump terminals is that it can help to streamline the refueling process, as there is no need to go inside the fuel station or interact with a cashier. Additionally, fuel cards may offer discounts or rewards for fuel purchases, which can help to save money over time.

DRIVEcard puts contractors and businesses in control of their finances and fuel cards. By having the function of using the card at the pump, can only increase efficiencies and get your vehicle(s) back on the road without delay. 

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