08 Aug

How can a fuel card provider get me cheaper fuel than the petrol stations?

A fuel card provider can negotiate special discounts or pricing arrangements with fuel suppliers (petrol stations) due to the volume of fuel purchases made by their cardholders. This allows them to offer their customers cheaper fuel prices than the regular pump prices in some cases.


Here's how a fuel card provider can achieve this:

Bulk Purchasing Power: Fuel card providers often have a large customer base, including businesses with fleets of vehicles. By aggregating the fuel demand of multiple customers, the fuel card provider gains significant purchasing power. This enables them to negotiate discounts with fuel suppliers based on the collective volume of fuel purchases.


Negotiated Pricing: Fuel card providers establish partnerships with specific fuel suppliers and negotiate pricing agreements with them. These agreements may involve discounted fuel rates, fixed pricing, or special pricing structures based on factors like the type of fuel, the location of the petrol station, or the time of purchase.


Customized Reporting and Analytics: Fuel card providers may offer reporting and analytics tools that provide businesses with insights into their fuel consumption patterns and behaviours. Armed with this data, businesses can make informed decisions to optimize fuel usage and potentially reduce costs, leading to more cost-effective fuel purchases.


Exclusive Offers and Incentives: Some fuel card providers may have partnerships with specific fuel suppliers, offering exclusive deals or incentives for cardholders to use those particular stations. These deals can lead to cheaper fuel prices or additional rewards for the fuel card users.


It's important to note that fuel card discounts may vary based on the specific fuel card provider, the locations of the petrol stations, and the terms of the fuel card program. Some fuel card programs may offer greater cost savings in certain regions or for specific types of fuel.


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